GSLC "Scavenger Hunt"

Members of Good Shepherd are on a mission to uncover as many objections to the Gospel as possible.

Let's Be Seen

The Gospel mandate is that Christians live out their faith publicly. Sometimes this leads us into difficult discussions about what the Bible says, who Jesus is and what He did, and how a person can be saved.

Members of Good Shepherd have been sent on a "scavenger hunt" to have as many conversations about Jesus and the Bible as possible. In the process, we hope to reveal many objections to the Christian faith. We are also organizing our response to each one of those objections.

You can help!

  1. Get yourself into a spiritual conversation.
  2. Profess your faith in the Biblical Gospel.
  3. Make mental note of the objections.
  4. Submit these objections using the form below.

It's that simple.